Real talk? We’ve got a snack habit.

And the truth is, a quick nutrient boost before or after working out is key to boosting and sustaining energy, keeping healthy eating habits on track, and even losing weight. (It’s a little thing called appetite control. And experts agree – it totally works.)


We’ll cut to the good stuff. Here’s how our team gets munching.


“KIND PLUS Bars have the right amount of protein, carbs, and are low in sugar – which make them perfect for pulsing and squeezing.” – Leah Tubbs, LA Instructor

“My favorite pre-workout snack is a tuna salad. It’s a simple snack packed with lean muscle building protein, and Omega’s to help strengthen hair and nails, and give you healthy, glowing skin!” – Christina Jensen, NY Instructor

“I love to grab a NuGo Slim to fuel up – it’s tasty energy with low sugar so it helps sustain me before teaching or taking a class.” – Tanya Becker, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer


“Post-workout, I love to refuel with a fresh juice from [downtown juice bar] Whole Greens. They always have a fresh juice of the day that’s refreshing and healthy post-workout. If I can’t make it there, our Physique 57 signature green apples always do the trick!” – Neil Totton, NY Instructor

“After taking a barre class I love to re-fuel with veggies and hummus, almonds and/or some fresh fruit, grapes, or watermelon! It gives me just the right amount of natural sugar and protein to keep me going strong!” – Morgan Goffstein, NY Instructor

So go on. Squeeze in something healthful and delicious and you’ll be that much closer to your healthiest, happiest, not hungriest self.

(And feel free to save some for us, too! Happy snacking!)