Did you know that working out while pregnant will prepare you both mentally and physically for labor and delivery and will ease postnatal recovery? It will also help you fight fatigue, improve sleep and generally make you feel wonderful throughout your pregnancy!

One of our NY instructors, Antonietta Vicario, worked out at Physique 57 (and taught classes) throughout her pregnancy. We’re thrilled that she wanted to share her fitness pregnancy journey with our clients.

Starting at the 2nd trimester through delivery, we asked Antonietta the same set of questions ranging from how she felt and what barre workout moves she found the most challenging to what stretches she enjoyed and any additional feedback she had about bringing her bump to the barre.

Check out her journey from bump to barre to baby (and adorable photos of baby Oliver) below to get a glimpse into the various stages of her pregnancy and why exercising was so important to her.

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Bump to barre fit pregnancy Antonietta Vicario

2nd Trimester Update

How far along are you?
18 Weeks

How did you feel this trimester?
I was lucky. I felt great! No nausea to speak of. I definitely am wiped out at the end of the day and have been going to bed by 9:30/ 10 pm the latest. Around week 6-8, I needed naps mid day but after that time period, I felt full of energy. I’m just so overjoyed and excited!

What was the most challenging part of your workout?
I was pretty much able to do everything during the first trimester. Push-ups were surprisingly challenging pretty early on- I guess it’s all the core support needed and how they elevate your heart rate! I started to modify abs around week 14 mostly because I knew I should be letting my abdominal muscles expand. It’s ironic- I popped while on vacation at week 17 and I attribute it to slacking off on my abs. I certainly will be using the wedge when I get back to class at week 19.

What stretches did you find most helpful?
There is no one particular stretch I have found to be helpful as I generally feel great! Taking a weekly Physique Stretch class though is always restorative- it’s important to give back to my body especially after rigorous teaching weeks.

Any additional comments:
I feel so fortunate to be able to do Physique throughout my pregnancy. It has helped me feel “normal” as I have definitely noticed that my metabolism has slowed down. Physique gives me the boost I need to feel myself.

3rd Trimester Update

How far along are you?
37 weeks.

How did you feel this trimester?
This was certainly the most challenging trimester physically. I was so lucky with no morning sickness in the first trimester but 30-35 weeks brought me terrible acid reflux so eating meals was a challenge. I have had some relief for this as the baby is sitting lower and giving me more space to eat and breathe lately. Additionally, I could feel my pelvis widening which brought me some lower back pain.

Emotionally though, I am feeling great. My husband and I are so excited for our bundle of joy to arrive and have had a lot of fun watching him move. It’s so crazy to not only feel him moving but to actually see him pushing my belly around. We get such a kick out of it!

What was the most challenging part of your workout?
I am pretty much still going strong at the barre- taking about 4 classes a week. I stopped teaching this week as at this point I can’t really demo abs anymore. I would say planks are definitely the most challenging part of the workout but I’m motivated to keep going as I know my labor and recovery will be easier if I keep my strength up pre-labor!

What stretches did you find most helpful?
Pigeon stretch and folding over diamond- shaped legs (butterfly) has felt great.

Any additional comments:
So excited to share newborn photos!

Postpartum Update from Antonietta

Oliver Nico Kemp has arrived!

Oliver was born on April 21, 2014 at 12:12 PM, weighing 8 lbs. 10 oz. and measuring 22 inches long. After 41 hours of labor, there is no doubt that my practice at Physique 57 got me through what seemed to be a never-ending labor! Being intimately familiar with uncomfortability certainly gave mom the endurance and stamina to withstand Oliver’s splash of an arrival.

Now everybody is home, recovering, and falling deeply in love with one another. It’s true that you never know love so rich and full until you look in your baby’s eyes. I’m enjoying every precious second of my time with Oliver and am looking forward to introducing him to all of my friends, colleagues and the many special clients at Physique 57 who have been such a tremendous part of Oliver’s journey!

See you all soon at the barre.

We should also note that Antonietta taught through March 19th and took her last class on April 17th – two days before delivery! Clearly she practices what we preach here at Physique 57 – that working out at the barre while pregnant is beneficial to both mommy and baby. Here are 5 tips for bringing your bump to the barre.

Thanks again to Antonietta for sharing her bump to barre fit pregnancy journey with us.

Not near a studio? Try our Physique Prenatal online workout which includes variations for every trimester and will help you stay in shape and feel great throughout your pregnancy.