Fall is a great time for runners! Cooler weather and world class races like the NYC Marathon mean that lots of runners are logging lots of mileage.

Fall is also a great time for Runners to check out a barre class like Physique 57. Not only is it a fun break from training, but barre also has many amazing benefits for runners, including:

  1. Stronger Running Muscles – Barre targets many muscles critical to running that are often overlooked by runners. (Hello glutes!) A full Physique 57 class targets muscles in your thighs, seat, and abs. If you’re short on time, Physique 57 On-Demand offers many mini-classes dedicated just to one of these important muscle groups.
  2. Stretching – Runners are notorious for skipping stretching, even though it’s critical for building flexibility and encouraging recovery. Physique 57 incorporates stretching into all workouts, so there’s no excuses. And some of our On-Demand mini-classes focus exclusively on stretching, making a perfect add on to long runs.
  3. Injury Prevention – Between 30 – 65% of runners will get injured within a given year. Physique 57 can help make sure you’re not part of that statistic! Barre strengthens muscles, making them less prone to injury and it’s especially good for eliminating shin splints and reducing IT band injury.
  4. Mental Strength – Even though our thigh sets last just a few minutes, they can be incredibly intense! Pushing through the burn is invigorating and it’s a helpful experience to channel for when you’re hitting a wall mid-race. Runner & Physique 57 Client Rachel says “A 57-minute Physique 57 class is honestly as mentally challenging as a half marathon!”
  5. Low Impact – Barre is a mostly low impact workout. It gives your joints a much-needed break after you’ve been pounding the pavement logging miles.
  6. Arms – Runners can forget how much we use our arms to power through the last few miles of a race. Luckily Physique 57’s full length workout includes a dedicated arms section, and several On-Demand mini-classes are all about the arms! Plus, it’s nice to tone up those biceps for a change…especially since Runners’ legs are used to getting all the attention!
  7. Increased Performance All of these benefits combined add up to a stronger performance. Stronger, less-injury prone muscles make for more power in your stride…especially as you close in on the finish line!
  8. Fun – Admit it, as much as you love running, those long training runs can get pretty mundane after awhile. Mix it up with a Physique 57 workout – the combination of great music, motivating instructors, and fresh moves are a great break from the routine.


And if that doesn’t convince you to run to the barre, maybe some words from Runner and On-Demand Client Kay, will:

“As a marathon runner (a slow one, but a finisher of 8 of them!) I always hated strength training and did the bare minimum. After one Physique 57 video, I was hooked! The on-demand service gives me tons of options to supplement my running and they have even helped me recover from a fractured patella/surgery.”