Real reasons from real people. Here are 57 reasons our clients (and team) love hitting the barre at Physique 57.

1. It is the only thing that got me back to my pre-baby body 4 TIMES!- Christine C., At Home Client
2. Every muscle in my body feels toned after every class!- Sarah M., NYC Studio Client
3. This is the year I flip to a new decade – the 50’s – and after 5 years of Physique 57, what I hear often is “You never age!” and “You do NOT look like a grandma!”- Cathy W., At Home Client
4. I get a whole-body workout without stressing my knees and feet from previous injuries.- Eleanor C., At Home Client
5. I actually used to be a client before I became an instructor and the one thing that really made me love Physique was that it focused on being strong and lean rather than what the scale says and being thin.- Erin Bells, Dubai Instructor
6. I love how I feel after the workout. I feel empowered!- Krystal A., At Home Client
7. You get results for every minute you spend with Physique 57!- Susan B., At Home Client
8. It’s a challenging workout, but no matter how hard it is during, you feel amazing AFTER!- Mandy Torres, Beverly Hills Instructor
9. It challenges my body to change for the better each and every class, which I did not think was possible to do beyond my teens and twenties; I am now the same weight as I was as a senior in high school, but in way better shape!– Kathryn A., NYC Studio Client
10. Because it has changed my life—not just my waistline!- Liz Correale, Director of Operations
11. Because I can get toned and trim in an hour flat, and not mess up my hair while doing so!- Jyoti H., At Home Client
12. I love Physique 57 because when the amazingly talented instructor asks me “why did you get on the blue mat today?” I can confidently respond “to change my body, change my life.” And it has!- Esther K., NYC Studio Client
13. On the business side, I cherish what our brand stands for, our company values and culture. On the fitness side, I can’t get enough of the unparalleled efficiency of our technique and that post-class endorphin high, every single time.- Maryam Fattahi Salaam, Owner of Physique 57 Dubai
14. Positive for both body and mind – sculpts you on both levels.- Maya D., NYC Studio Client
15. After 5 kids, it has given me new hope that I can get my old body back again.- Josephine O., At Home Client
16. I love how fashionable our clients are..it’s like going window shopping teaching a class at physique!- Shanna Heverly, NYC Instructor
17. It never gets easy and is still fun.- Pam N., At Home Client
18. The mega boost of confidence it gives me!- Christina M., NYC Studio Client
19. The instructors always bring it!- Jennifer Billet, VP of Marketing
20. It is fun and feels good for the soul.- Ethel B., NYC Studio Client
21. Because it works. My mind, body and soul have never felt better.- Maria C., NYC Studio Client
22. Accomplishing a Physique 57 class gives me a great sense of clarity and calm.- Leah Tubbs, Beverly Hills Instructor
23. It’s the most effective workout out there! Plus the instructors are so outstanding that the minutes fly by!- Eva M., NYC Studio Client
24. GREAT complement to my running.– Krista K., At Home Client
25. No matter how many classes you’ve taken it’s still a challenge and therefore you always leave class feeling satisfied and stronger.– Heidi L., NYC Studio Client
26. I’ve honestly become the “BEST ME EVER.” The workouts have challenged me and proven to push me past the limits that I thought existed for my body.- Sabrina G., At Home Client
27. I have toned up everywhere, lost inches, dropped 10 pounds, a size in jeans and have my abs back!! I have never done a workout program that has produced such tremendous results.- Joanna R., At Home Client
28. Addiction and results. Get addicted and results will appear.- Clairene R., At Home Client
29. I get bored easily and love the fact you can choose a different workout each day.- Nicola M., At Home Client
30. It has changed my life and the way I view the concept of exercising and staying healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.- Betty T., NYC Studio Client
31. Because where else is enthusiastic thigh dancing not only acceptable but ENCOURAGED?- Alison F., NYC Studio Client
32. It’s the best 57 minutes of my day.- Marcelle H., NYC Studio Client
33. I love Physique 57’s well-rounded approach to fitness — cardio, strength, and flexibility. By far the hardest workout I have ever done with the quickest results.- Mary L., NYC Studio Client
34. Tough as nails team.- Elizabeth Flood, Director of Human Resources
35. The instructors are awesome and I feel so empowered by the workouts!- Dawn F., At Home Client
36. Results are fast, but the workouts are low impact!- Kim R., At Home Client
37. Because it taps into my inner dancer, I feel strong and graceful and love to show off the definition that it creates in my arms, shoulders and thighs.- Wendy S., At Home Client
38. The pride you feel when you get through thighs!- Christen M., NYC Client Service Team
39. For the first time in years I feel strong, confident and sculpted!- Jennifer D., At Home Client
40. BEST.INSTRUCTORS.EVER.– Jennifer Pyne, Digital Marketing Manager
41. The different difficulty levels built into each video. Really helps me notice how I’m growing with each workout and it feels great when I accomplish some of the advanced techniques.- Virgina B., At Home Client
42. It gives me the results I have always wanted but have been unable to reach with ANY other type of workout.- Sherdan C., At Home Client
43. Because it never stops being challenging.- Carol Buonanno, Spring St. Studio Director
44. You work us hard but with lots of fun and humour so the hurt isn’t so hard.- Cat W., At Home Client
45. Too many to list.- Suzi B., NYC Studio Client
46. It gives me the gift of making positive impacts in others and living a meaningful life every single day.- Khemika Chivapornthip, Owner of Physique 57 Bangkok
47. Every single time I finish a class I feel exhausted but stronger and proud of myself.- Kelly Q., NYC Studio Client
48. The workouts work!- Rhonda A., At Home Client
49. My entire body is worked without causing stress on my back.- Lynleigh P., At Home Client
50. Physique 57 tones my body, lifts my spirit and feeds my soul on every level!- Dana Canneto, Scarsdale Studio Director
51. Because the ab work is phenomenal!- Angelique Millis, Beverly Hills, Assistant Studio Director
52. That burn and quiver- hurts so bad but feels so good after. You feel stronger and braver then when you entered and leave class feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world!- Allyson Lai, Marketing & PR Assistant
53. Changed my body and my life for the better! It gets you in the best shape possible and even keeps you in shape during pregnancy.- Maddi F., At Home Client
54. It works all of our problem spots and you get results FAST! Nothing else like it.- Cindy M., NYC Studio Client
55. I don’t have to wear sneakers to do it!- Jennifer Leyden, CFO
56. You can win arm wrestling contests with your children! I know this is crazy but my son is quite impressed that I beat him and my 22 year old niece in arm wrestling contests.- Jennifer Maanavi, CEO & Co-Founder of Physique 57
57. I love Physique 57 because it was my first baby and watching it’s grow up and realize its fullest potential to touch so many lives in so many amazing ways has been beyond my wildest dreams.– Tanya Becker, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

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