This post was originally posted on Fab Fit Fun in November 2011.

The holiday season can be filled with joy but with this happy season comes food everywhere you go. Here, Tanya Becker offers 5 tips to beat holiday weight gain.

1. Have a plan – Write down your workout schedule and stick with it! Put a post-it note with your plan somewhere in a place where you will see it every morning (bathroom mirror, dresser, refrigerator) and hold yourself accountable. Traveling for the holidays? You can work out with our Physique 57 videos on demand anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Our recently launched video Physique Strong & Lean requires absolutely no equipment which is perfect for when you’re on-the-go this holiday.

2. Invite friends & family to join you – Expecting friends and family to visit during the holidays? Invite them to join you for your planned workouts. Make yourself a priority and help your friends & family get fit too. Don’t derail your plans just because you have visitors. Meeting your girlfriends for dinner? Take a Physique 57 barre class or online workout together before! This will put a healthy spin on your girls night out.

3. Don’t give up when you slip-up – A slip-up it doesn’t mean you should give up. Here’s a tip: Hang your bathing suit in plain sight in your closet leading up to the holidays. This visual will help you stay on track; big, chunky sweaters during the winter months are never an excuse to let yourself go.

4. Snack so you don’t attack – Allow yourself to fill up on fruits or vegetables before heading to a big dinner. Snacking before your meal will thwart overindulgence when it’s time for dinner. You’ll leave dinner feeling satisfied, content and not stuffed!

5. Wear form-fitting clothes – You’re more likely to go for healthy food options if you’re wearing form-fitting clothes and you won’t lose sight of that toned and sculpted body you’ve been working to achieve.

What is your tip to keep the weight off during the holidays?