Super Bowl Sunday is usually synonymous with beer, food, snacks and entertainment galore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy Super Bowl Sunday without losing out on all the fun. Here are 5 tips to stay healthy on Super Bowl Sunday that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on any fun!

5 Tips for a healthy super bowl with erin andrews

1. Work out in the morning. Fox Sports Broadcaster (and Physique 57 client) Erin Andrews will be reporting live from the sidelines at the Super Bowl and she’d love to work out with you in the morning. Start your day with Physique’s Get Fit Quick featuring Erin Andrews in the A.M. and then finish your day with Erin in the P.M. If you’re by a studio, sign up for a morning class at any of our studios for the best barre workout in New York, the Hamptons, Scarsdale, Los Angeles or Dubai.

2. Eat light meals throughout the day. Our biggest tip is to NOT go to a Super Bowl party on an empty stomach. If you eat light meals and/or snack throughout the day, you won’t be so tempting to dive into the chip bowl. Allow yourself to fill up on fruits or vegetables before heading to your party.

3. Bring a healthy side dish to your party. Bringing anything to your Super Bowl party? The best way to control how much you let yourself indulge is to bring a healthy dish to a party so you know you’ll at least have one option that is good for you (and that you know you’ll enjoy)!

4. Use commercial breaks to fit in fitness (and show your male friends just how strong you are). At Physique 57, we love taking mini fitness challenges at the office. Incorporate these fun exercises:

  • Touchdown pushups: Every time the team you’re rooting for scores a touchdown, do 10 pushups. The people at your party cheering for the opposite team have to do double the pushups (20).
  • Commercial challenge: Every time there is a chip or beer commercial, get in a plank position for 30 seconds.

5. Use the 1:1 drinking rule. For every alcoholic beverage you plan to drink, follow it up with a glass of water. It’s important to stay hydrated and by using this trick you will be more conscious of how much you are drinking (and when to slow down).

Do you have any additional tips for a healthy Super Bowl Sunday? Who are you cheering for? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.