We just launched our new 4-Week Best Beach Body online workout program. This program features 5 new online workouts led by NYC Instructors, Shanna & Shannon. This program was designed to help you feel confident, sexy, and strong no matter what time of the year you may be visiting a beach, poolside or on vacation. We tapped this dynamic duo to hear more about their experience shooting their videos as well as their top tips for getting beach ready.


Q: You both look great in the videos! What did you do to prepare for the shoot?
Shannon: Thanks! I got my butt into class: Physique 57, Yoga, dance class! I also got lots of rest and tried to be really smart with my meal choices. We also did each other’s workouts for a few weeks prior. That way we knew what was coming during the shooting process, and we could mentally and physically prepare ourselves. When doing a shoot like this, feeling strong and confident is so important.
Shanna: I can’t say I did anything out of the ordinary. I did Physique 57, took my ballet classes and tried to go easy on processed foods. But that’s what I do usually anyway!

Q: Maintaining proper nutrition is key to seeing results with any fitness plan. Can you share with us more details about your diet?
Shannon: Balance is everything. I love to eat healthy but I also love my sweets, potato chips and coffee! I also love meat and am no vegetarian, but I try to keep a plant based diet. For me, having my fridge full of healthy foods is the best feeling. I stock my kitchen with avocados, bananas, berries, hummus & veggies, but also have lots of chocolate, Tate’s cookies & red wine. Some more of my favorite things are pineapple, LARABARs, KIND Bars. Guilty Pleasure: Chicago Style popcorn & coconut milk ice cream.
Shanna: Proper diet with exercise will definitely help you see results faster. However, I love to eat and if I weren’t a fitness instructor and performer, I would be a food critic! For me, I try to steer clear of too much sugar and processed foods. My body doesn’t take to it very well and I don’t feel good after eating it. I never drink soda but I love natural juices! But I wouldn’t say I have a special diet. If I want cookies or chips I eat it in moderation. But then I make sure I’m putting the lean proteins, veggies and fruits in too. Diet has to be a lifestyle choice, not just something you do for 2 weeks.

Q: You guys have natural chemistry in the videos. What was your favorite part about filming together?
Shannon: I’ve known Shanna for almost 10 years! Prior to Physique 57, we both did the National Tour of Cats, and my very 1st Physique 57 class in NYC was with her! We did pretzel position for seat work, and I remember thinking how happy she seemed torturing me. Little did I know then, I would eventually get my revenge on her in my video! But I love Shan, she is so fun, and she brings out the sillies in me! It’s so much more fun to work out with your friend, and I feel so lucky that I got to create these videos with her. I feel very proud that we choreographed and created an entire program that will help thousands of people feel better about their bodies and inspire them to step out of their comfort zones!
Shanna: Shannon and I actually have built in chemistry, mostly because my cousins were her good friends in high school. So when we met many years ago, we were instant friends. I love filming with Shannon because we both love to laugh! We didn’t have to hold back or ever feel the other needed to be perfect while filming. There is never any judgement. Plus working out with a friend is always way more fun than alone.

Q: There are 5 videos in your program. Which one is your favorite and why?
Shannon: I still can’t believe we did 5 videos!  While some of the videos are working similar muscle groups, we really tried to provide variety in the program. They are all really fun and help you tone lots of different parts of your body.  I think my favorite was my 15-minute Glutes & Abs Video.  It was one of the first videos I created, and I love all of the “beach” themed positions.  It’s brief, but it takes you on a fun little journey for your glutes and abs!
Shanna: That’s a really hard question, but I think my favorite video is my 30-minute Arms & Abs Video. I love incorporating weights into ab work. It spices things up for the brain and gives your arms that extra boost, while you’re toning your abs.

Q: What is your best advice for someone looking to get fit before beach season?
Shannon: Be consistent, patient and set attainable goals. Taking a break from working out for your mind and body is so important, but if you stay committed throughout the year, you can more easily achieve your vacation/summer body! By setting goals, you will set yourself up mentally to push yourself a little harder in your workouts!  Best of luck and thanks for joining us on the beach!
Shanna: My best advice is don’t start your fitness journey in late May expecting to see the ultimate results by early June. You will sculpt quickly with Physique 57, but truthfully summer bodies are made in the winter. The sooner you kick start your fitness and wellness journey the better!

We’re hope you’re as excited as we are for this new program. Ready to get your best beach body? Get started with this new program by clicking here. New users get their first week free!