DVD fans rejoice! We’ve added our best-selling, most viewed online workout to DVD. Physique 360 is a full-body, no equipment workout (perfect for when you’re on the go or traveling), that will shave inches off your waistline and slim down your inner and outer thighs. Every major muscle group (and all of the small ones in between) will be feeling the heat with this workout! Get started here.

Bonus! If you purchase Physique 360 DVD on or before August 31st, you’ll receive access to a September 2015 challenge calendar + a complimentary week of online workouts. Get your copy here. and start reaping the (workout) benefits!

Now try these 3 exercises from Physique 360:
The Curtsy


Balance Series


Ab Series

Want to try the full workout before you get the DVD? Get started with a 48-hour rental for just $5 here.