The more the merrier is our motto for working out. Like the AT&T commercial goes, more is more and more is better than less (don’t know what we mean? Watch it here)! Exercising with a friend is not only more fun, but the benefits are endless. Check out just a few of those benefits below.

Tips to working out with a friend

Working Out with a Friend

You stay accountable & plan workouts ahead of time – Working out with a friend keeps you accountable – you’ve got to show up and bring it! Plus, you end up planning those workouts & penciling them into your calendar in advance. Being accountable and needing to show up for someone else also results in fewer skipped workouts (and more toning and trimming)!

You push yourself past your comfort zone – Working out with a friend pushes you to give your workout everything you’ve got and push past your comfort zone. Plus, in a Physique 57 class you can commiserate together while still motivating one another. It’s a shared experience of a “hurt so good” burn!

You have more fun & recovery time means catch up time – Something to look forward to while working out with a buddy is the fun you’ll have together in class and the time you get afterwards to catch up. Use the buddy system as a time to connect with a friend, try a new class, and reward yourself afterwards – if it’s on a weekend why not go for a fun brunch afterwards.

Start working out with your friend today & reap the benefits for both your social life and your body!

Do you work out with friends? Is that what keeps you motivated?