A new year means new resolutions and a fresh motivation for exercising each week — but that sense of enthusiasm often falls short after a few trips to the gym.

New fitness trends in 2018 are all about mixing exercise and fun to make you feel inspired. Instead of hitting the gym with the same old routine, bump up your year with these new exercise trends.

Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre implements a mixture of postures inspired by ballet. Designed to tone your body and target various muscle groups, the form of exercise can increase your strength capacity. You will gain more power as well as a lean physique. Do it like Victoria’s Secret models and ballet to perfection.

Group Exercising

Although personal training sessions overpowered the fitness world for a while, group fitness is back as the No. 2 exercise in 2018. It’s ideal for beginners and offers you a combination of social activity and physical fitness. Many people feel encouraged by the people around them, as it’s a positive force to keep you motivated. Classes involving more than five participants are perfect to get the year started.

Dance Classes

Let’s face it — good music can also hype you up in any situation, right? Incorporating dance classes into your fitness routine is the perfect way to increase your metabolism and build strength. As one of many 2018 fitness trends, dancing is a prolonged, high-intensity workout to help you burn calories. Designed for sculpting and toning, dance classes give you a full-body workout to define your muscles.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training — HIIT — has become more mainstream over the past several years. As opposed to working out for long periods of time at a steady pace, HIIT involves fast bursts followed by short periods of exercise. It’s an explosive form of fitness that also includes active recovery times. It’s seen as the No. 1 fitness trend in 2018 because it takes shorter and quicker sessions to reap benefits.

For example, high-intensity training has you perform intermittent sprints for 30 seconds during a jog. It’s recommended to do 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous workouts each week.

At-Home Workouts

You may have thought at-home workouts were no longer popular, but thanks to the use of phone apps and more convenient ways to train, it’s something everyone can enjoy. Whether you are on a time crunch or like to work out in the comfort of your living room, at-home workouts allow you to exercise at your own pace. The incredible movement of Instagram influencers who share their in-home workouts is another way to push yourself to reach your goals.

Physique 57 Workouts

New fitness trends are a great way to continue your 2018 resolution or a way for you to step up your previous workout sessions. It’s all about finding what works for you and what keeps you motivated. Few people want to experience change on their own, so that’s why Physique 57 offers a sense of community to support you each step of the way.

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