Physique Yoga


Physique Yoga combines vinyasa, active stretches, and restorative poses that will not only tone your body but will also leave you feeling strong and stress-free.  Perfect for anyone looking to feel centered, balanced, and lithe in your life, wherever you are on your yoga or fitness journey.

***Pair this class with any of our Physique 57 conditioning classes and you’re on your way to radiant good health- from the inside out.  Yoga mats are provided

Physique Stretch & Flow in 30


Physique Stretch & Flow provides an opportunity to elongate muscles with stretches that are complementary to our Physique 57 classes. Think dessert for your body.  You deserve it.

***This 30-minute class provides stretches that are perfect for a warm up before another class or cool down afterwards. Full coverage socks required.


Physique Express in 45


This is the perfect class for you busy types who want maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Physique Express is a 45-minute, brisk paced session that offers a condensed version of our Signature class. This class moves- designed to give you your Physique 57 fix, quick!

***Get an afternoon boost, sans the caffeine, and power up with the best lunchtime treat in town. Full coverage socks required.

Arms & Abs in 30


Ready to chisel every single inch of your arms and your abdominal wall? This dynamic 30-minute series of twists, turns and pulses will leave you feeling ready to take on the world looking trim, toned and feeling fABulous! Don’t be deceived by the name of this class- it’s a full body, non-stop workout that will get your heart pumping.

***A great stand-alone workout or the perfect pairing with any of our other classes to help you feel especially solid and svelte! Full coverage socks required.

S.B.T.® (Sweat Burn Tone)


S.B.T. is a non-stop, fast-paced, high intensity class that will always keep you and your muscles guessing.  Each session is designed using the most effective sweat-infused, calorie-scorching, and body-toning sequences in our recipe book.  No two classes are alike; however, the results will keep you addicted and leave you wanting more.

***We recommend clients have a comfortable understanding of our method before progressing to S.B.T, ideally having a score of Signature II classes under your belt. Full coverage socks required.


F.I.T. (Focused Interval Training)


F.I.T. is Focused Interval Training, designed to target and trim your arms and glutes. In one seamless sequence using weights, a playground ball, and your own body weight as resistance, F.I.T. takes our signature class and turns up the heat by bringing extra focus and attention (and serious results) to your most visible spots. This is a great class to include in your regular fitness regime as we stay longer in the positions, allowing you to work deeply in your muscles and improve your mind-body connection.

***We recommend clients take at least four Signature classes before taking F.I.T. Full coverage socks required.

Signature I


A great place to start if you’re new to the barre! At the top of this 57-minute experience, you will have time with your trainer to discuss your personal fitness goals and needs. During class, learn the Physique 57 barre basics and how our unique formula combining strength training, cardio, and stretching rapidly transforms your body. You will create lean sculpted muscle, rev up your metabolic rate, and feel a sense of accomplishment after each rep. After class, our trainers are available to advise on how to create the best Physique 57 experience for you.

***Full coverage socks are all you need, plus a little determination.  We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to class for registration. New clients will not be admitted into class after the start time.

Signature II

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Been to the barre a few times?  This class is designed for anyone looking for quick results and a challenging workout that will meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey.  You will be provided opportunities to tailor our unique formula of strength training, cardio, and stretching with options and challenges that will rapidly transform your body.  All levels welcome.

***We recommend clients take at least four Signature I classes before progressing to Signature II.  Full coverage socks are all you need, plus a little determination.  signature1

Mat 57®


Mat 57 is a core-focused class that will target and tone your entire body. We use light weights and a ball, incorporating amped up Pilates-based exercises that will help you feel (and see) muscles in your midsection you didn’t even know existed. This upbeat format seamlessly weaves together ab-centric exercises sans barre, so get ready to put your balance and control to the test!

***We recommend clients take at least four Signature classes before taking Mat 57. Due to the nature of these exercises, our pregnant clients will have to sit this one out. Full coverage socks required.

Barre Meets Mat®


Barre Meets Mat is a non-stop class that kicks off with Mat 57’s ab-centric variations followed by our signature thigh and glute sequences.  This class is the ultimate in multi-tasking, working multiple muscle groups simultaneously to maximize results. You’ll be able to pat your head and rub your rock hard abs with no trouble!


***We recommend clients have a comfortable understanding of our method before progressing to Barre Meets Mat, both in our Signature II and Mat 57 classes.  And while moms-to-be are expert multi-taskers, this is one to look forward to after your baby arrives. Full coverage socks required.