Physique Yoga


Physique Yoga not only tones your body but also improves your breathing, focuses your mind and enhances your overall health and well-being. Pair this class with any of our conditioning classes and you’re on your way to radiant good health – from the inside out.

Physique Stretch & Flow in 30 or 60


Physique Stretch & Flow provides an opportunity to elongate muscles with stretches that are complementary to your Physique 57 classes. These 30-minute and one-hour sessions provide stretches that are perfect for a warm up before class or cool down afterwards.  Think dessert for your body.  You deserve it.


Physique Express in 45


It’s the perfect class for you busy types who want maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Physique Express is a 45-minute, brisk paced class that offers a condensed version of a full length Physique 57 class.

Arms & Abs in 30


Ready to chisel every single inch of your arms and your abdominal wall? This dynamic 30-minute series of twists, turns and pulses will leave you feeling ready to take on the world looking trim, toned and feeling fABulous!

Physique S.B.T.® (Sweat Burn Tone)


Okay, hold onto your sweat bands! This is a non-stop, fast-paced, high intensity class that will always keep you and your muscles guessing.  Each session is designed with the most effective sweat-infused, calorie-scorching, and body-toning sequences.  No two classes are alike; however the results will keep you addicted and leave you wanting more. We recommend clients have a comfortable understanding of our method before progressing to S.B.T.


Physique F.I.T. (Focused Interval Training)


HELLO arms and seat! Ready to feel your triceps, biceps and backside talking to you? F.I.T. takes our signature class and turns up the heat by bringing extra focus and attention (and serious results) to your most visible spots. Spot-on arm reps will strengthen, tone and banish any arm jiggle while our seat sculpting sequences will make everything right and tight. Thigh-based interludes ensure maximum calorie burn followed by ab-melting exercises and floor stretches to have you firm, fit and fab(ulous). Jeans and a tank never looked or felt so good. All levels welcome.

Physique Beginner


A great place to learn our lingo and set you up for all of our class offerings! The focus is on learning fundamental movements, positions and methodology to provide a deeper understanding of our exercises for the most effective workout.

Physique Signature

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A step up from Beginner, you will be provided opportunities to tailor the class to your own fitness level. Want more cardio? Want to focus a little more on a specific trouble zone? We’ll give you that and more. All levels welcome.


Mat 57®


Mat 57 is a core-focused class that will target and tone your entire body.  This upbeat format (think Pilates’ younger, enthusiastic sister) seamlessly weaves together ab-centric exercises sans barre.  Using light weights and a ball, you’ll feel (and see) muscles in your midsection you didn’t even know existed. All levels welcome. Note: Unfortunately, due to the nature of these exercises, our pregnant clients will have to sit this one out. Have a pickle!

Barre Meets Mat®


Barre Meets Mat is a non-stop class that kicks off with Mat 57’s ab-centric variations followed by our signature thigh and seat sequences.  This class is the ultimate of multi-tasking, working multiple muscle groups simultaneously to maximize results. You’ll be able to pat your head and rub your rock hard abs with no trouble! We recommend clients have a comfortable understanding of our method before progressing to Barre Meets Mat.  And while moms-to-be are expert multi-taskers, this is another one to look forward to after your baby arrives.