Physique Trim & Tone

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Physique Trim & Tone is a mix of Tanya Becker’s favorite fat-burning barre exercises from the Physique 57 DVD series. This video is also included in our best-selling fitness & diet paperback book, The Physique 57 Solution.

Equipment Needed: portable ballet barre or sturdy piece of furniture, a set of weights (5lbs or 8lbs), Physique 57 exercise ball, exercise mat and a thick towel or cushion
Rental Period: 48 hours

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  1. :

    This is one of my favorite workouts!! Thank you for adding it to the online DVDS. I felt all my muscles working hard, and the workout went by very fast. Thanks Physique for making strong the new sexy!!

  2. :

    I loved it!! My new favorite bar workout. Best use of a half hour ever. Thanks.

  3. :

    Loved It! a mini full body workout for days when i can’t get in an hour. Thanks!

  4. :

    Loved It! A mini full body workout for days when I can’t get an hour in.

  5. :

    Really like this one. Wish you would release more dvd’s!

  6. :

    good workout for arms, abs and seat but the thigh portion is pretty limited

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