Physique’s Get Fit Quick featuring Erin Andrews

30 MIN | $10.00

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Get red carpet ready with a series of body sculpting exercises that will get you fit in no time! Celebrity Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews and Physique 57 Co-Founder, Tanya Becker, will inspire and motivate you to slim down and achieve a fabulous physique quickly.

Equipment Needed: portable ballet barre or sturdy piece of furniture, a set of weights (5lbs-10lbs), heavy set of weights (8lbs-10lbs) and a thick towel or cushion
Rental Period: 48 hours

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    Love this workout. It leaves my legs feeling like lead, similar to the end-of-workout feeling I get after the Thigh & Seat Booster DVD leg series. Plus Erin makes for an inspirational and fun presence in the workout.

  2. Julie


    Still sore three days later! Erin is super positive and I did think about that bikini while pushing myself to finish!

  3. Erin


    Really challenging and fun! The positive energy/vibe is so great from Tanya, Erin and Ashley that make you want to keep working harder and feel good about it.

  4. kaymurray


    Super hard but it’s so fun, and the ladies are so adorable, the workout was over before I knew it! Love it!

  5. Jo


    Challenging workout, but really fun and high-energy. Great way to mix-up your Physique work-outs!

  6. Natalie


    This is one of my favorite workouts! It was so much fun and went by quickly.

  7. Kathryn


    This is a great workout. My muscles were burning!!! Great motivation from the instructors. Can’t wait to do it again!

  8. Deborah


    Great workout – I love that you are making full body strength and cardio in 30 minutes. Thanks p57- I want to call you p30! Put these on DVD- internet stream can be unpredictable. I would love both options!


  9. Sydney


    That was so fun! It went quick, I was smiling and I feel great! I loved how Erin and Ashley joined in on conversation throughout the video. Overall, a great, great video. One of the best!

  10. jeanbran


    Best $10 I ever spent!

  11. Lori


    This is my new favorite physique Workout! I feel like jello when I’m finished. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a great morning wake up call!

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