Physique 57 New York City Fitness Classes

Let the transformation begin!

Picture, if you would, a highly-acclaimed (clients and press), proven (hot bodies) fitness program (you’ll feel like a kid again) designed to rapidly transform your body (prepare to turn heads). That is precisely what you can expect from our signature Physique 57® class. Take strength training and add cardio and a ballet barre and you have a 57 minute workout that systematically improves flexibility and endurance, while strengthening and sculpting your muscles.

With classes from beginner to advanced, and a variety of options to suit every lifestyle, each class is structured to maximize every minute and move with unique choreography, invigorating music and motivating expert instructors.

No matter what kind of shape you are in, whether you dread exercise or work out seven days a week, our breakthrough exercise programs will change your body – and your life. And best of all, you’ll love every minute of it. Promise!

Physique 57 Signature Classes

Welcome to the very best you.

Our signature full body barre-based workout blends fluid intervals of dance-inspired cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises designed to burn fat and build long, lean muscle. Strengthen your arms, thighs, seat, abs – and outlook on life – in this fun, 57-minute class fueled by innovative choreography, personalized coaching and a motivating class community.

The focus is on learning fundamental movements, positions and methodology to provide a deeper understanding of our exercises for the most effective workout.

If you are familiar with the Physique 57 technique there are options to tailor the class to your own fitness level. We recommend clients should take at least four Beginner classes before trying Mixed level.

It never gets easier, you just get better! You’re familiar with our technique. Now it’s time to take your workout (and all that hard work) to a whole new level. From fun new moves to varied interval sets, this class — designed for clients who’ve taken at least four Mixed sessions — is a challenging step up from our Beginner and Mixed classes. (Like all of our classes, it’s intense – but totally worth it!)

Okay, hold onto your sweat bands. This is a fast-paced, cardiovascular workout with advanced variations and less recovery time between sets. We recommend clients take 10 Intermediate classes, or have a strong understanding of our method, before progressing to the Advanced level.

Note: Due to the nature of the intensity and accelerated pace of the class, Intermediate and Advanced classes are not suitable for first time clients. You’ll thank us later.

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Mat 57®

Pilates amped.

This 57-minute class is a vigorous, updated form of classical Pilates (think Pilates’ younger, enthusiastic sister). Set to great music, Mat 57 is a sequence of challenging exercises that will improve flexibility, strengthen the abdominal and back muscles and sculpt the thigh, seat and arm muscles for a total body workout. It offers all of the proven benefits of Pilates while increasing stamina through an athletic and high energy routine. All levels welcome.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the nature of these exercises, our pregnant clients will have to sit this one out. Have a pickle!

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Formula 57®

Gentle people, start your engines.

Formula 57 is a non-stop 60-minute class that fuses Physique 57 choreography with Mat 57’s Pilates-inspired sequences. This one-of-a-kind concoction uses compound movements to recruit multiple muscle groups simultaneously and maximize results. You’ll be able to pat your head and rub your rock hard abs with no trouble!

Note: Due to the intensity of this class, Formula 57 is not suitable for first time clients. To get the most out of this class we recommend clients take 20 Mixed or Intermediate classes as well as several Mat 57 classes beforehand. And while moms-to-be are expert multi-taskers, this is another one to look forward to after your baby arrives.

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Physique Cardio

Not for the faint of heart.

Fasten your seatbelts! This ramped up, amped up 57-minute fat-blasting class will chisel every inch of your beautiful body. We’ll take you to your limits with high-intensity intervals of push-ups, planks, lunges and more. You’ll strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles and make your heart go pitty pat. Designed for maximum calorie burn (up to 700 calories!), even your sweat will sweat.

Note: Due to the intensity and accelerated pace of the class, Physique Cardio is not suitable for first time clients or expecting moms. The good news? Women who are expecting can join in after the big event. We recommend clients take 10 or more Physique 57 classes or are in good cardiovascular condition.

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Physique Express

Express yourself. In just 40 minutes!

It’s the perfect class for you busy types who want maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Physique Express is a 40-minute, brisk paced class that offers a condensed version of a full length Physique 57 class. Physique Express is appropriate for those who have a basic understanding of most Physique 57 positions. First-time clients will have to get more experience under their tightening belts before attending this one.

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ARMed & fAB in 30

Ready to chisel? Choose your weapon!

Using resistance bands, a ball and weights as your secret weapons, every single inch of your arms and your abdominal wall will be targeted for maximum sculpting and chiseling. This dynamic 30-minute series of twists, turns and pulses will leave you feeling ready to take on the world looking trim, toned and feeling fABulous!

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Physique F.I.T.

HELLO arms and seat! Get ready to feel your triceps, biceps and backside talking to you. FIT takes our signature class and turns up the heat by bringing extra focus and attention (and serious results) to your most visible spots. Spot-on arm reps will strengthen, tone and banish any arm jiggle while our seat sculpting sequences will sizzle away any cellulite and make everything right and tight. Thigh-based interludes ensure maximum calorie burn followed by ab-melting exercises and floor stretches to have you firm, fit and fab(ulous). Jeans and a tank never looked (or felt) so good.

Physique Stretch

Warm up, cool down.

Physique Stretch provides an opportunity to elongate muscles with stretches that are complementary to your Physique 57 classes. These 30-minute and one-hour sessions provide stretches that are perfect for a warm up before class or cool down afterwards.

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Physique Yoga

A new twist on an ancient treasure.

Physique Yoga distills the best of this ancient tradition into a 57-minute session that tones your body, improves your breathing, focuses your mind and enhances your overall health and well being. Pair this 57- minute class with any Physique 57 conditioning class and you’re on your way to radiant good health – from the inside out.

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Private Lessons

Just you, just us.

Using signature Physique 57 exercises, your instructor will specifically design a sequence that meets your personal needs. Private lessons are perfect for clients who are just beginning an exercise regimen, those seeking to improve their alignment and positioning, those healing from an injury or simply, clients that prefer privacy and one-on-one attention.

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