Book Excerpt: The Introduction

The First Step to a Gorgeous Physique

Hello, Gorgeous!

Welcome to The Physique 57 Solution, your own personal prescription for a lean and beautiful body. Starting today, it’s time to say good-bye to all the other workouts you’ve known and tried — the ones that haven’t worked for you because they didn’t produce results, didn’t fit your lifestyle, or were just plain boring. If you’ve been looking for a so-good-it’s-addictive fitness regimen to spark record weight loss and sculpt your body in record time, we’re here to tell you that it does exist — and that Physique 57 is the program for you!

Committing to a new workout is an empowering choice, and we congratulate you on taking this step. By picking up this book, you are already on your way to achieving the gorgeous physique you’ve always wanted: no more wasted hours at the gym, no more fretting over extra pounds, no more muffin tops, love handles, jiggling thighs, or flabby arms. Instead, in just two weeks’ time, you are going to see remarkable changes in your body from head to toe: smooth and sculpted thighs, a lifted seat, a taut, tucked tummy, and slim and sexy arms. You’ll stand taller, feel stronger, and go about your day feeling energized and on top of the world because you will look fabulous — and you’ll know it! You’ll even be able to break out your skinny jeans again. What could be better than that?

We know that our program gets results because we see it happen with our clients all the time. Every day, tens of thousands of women arrive at our studios or pop in our DVDs and push themselves to the limit because they know that our workouts will give them a better body than any other exercise method around. Our new clients are often thrilled to see new muscle definition after their very first class — welcome back, abs! — or discover that they’ve dropped a whole dress size after just a few sessions. Regardless of what other diets or exercise plans will tell you, you can see dramatic changes in just two weeks. And this blockbuster combination of efficiency and results is what has made Physique 57 today’s hottest workout — and keeps our clients coming back for more.

This book, which combines two of our signature 57-minute workouts with our delicious, super-slimming meal plan, puts the power of Physique 57 in your hands. And today marks the start of a whole new you. If you’re looking to whip your body into shape for a special event, or simply to boost your strength, energy, and overall health while naturally achieving your ideal weight, our two-week plan will give you the same rapid-results workouts our clients get, along with an amazing array of tasty dishes designed to help you maximize your workouts and melt away the pounds. With our eating plan, you can forget the word diet. There’s no counting calories, no points, no weekly weigh-ins — just simple, macronutrientrich meals bursting with flavor that will satisfy your cravings and jump-start your body’s own natural weight-loss process. By following our program, you can expect to lose:

  • Up to 10 pounds
  • 2 inches off your waist
  • 2 inches off your hips
  • 5 inches off your thighs
  • 1 inch off your arms

That said, Physique 57 is NOT about being supermodel-skinny — let’s get that out of the way right now. It’s about being healthy, being fit, and feeling fabulous whatever you do. Some of our happiest clients are those who have only lost a pound or two, and yet their entire body has changed: inches have disappeared, muffin tops have vanished, and trouble spots have been tightened and sculpted to give them a whole new look.

Our program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, but it’s also designed to keep challenging you so that you never perfect the exercises and you NEVER plateau. You can use this plan far beyond the first two weeks and continue to see amazing results. And as you get leaner and stronger and more comfortable with the moves, you can work more efficiently and target your muscles even more effectively, ultimately achieving the best body you’ve ever had.

Our Story

Before we created Physique 57, we were two women, just like you, who tried time and again to find the secret to staying fit. Growing up, we were both dancers: Jennifer danced with a ballet company during high school, and Tanya studied dance throughout her school years and later on in New York City. But during our twenties, we also picked up many of the bad habits that go along with city living. Our slim and svelte dancers’ bodies started to change, and even Tanya, who continued to dance professionally, saw the numbers on the scale start to creep up. Like most women, we wanted to look better, lose a few pounds, firm up soft spots, and wear a bikini without thinking twice.

We tried all of the usual tactics to get back in shape: joined gyms, attended Spin classes, did step aerobics, and took Pilates. Jennifer even tried running with weights strapped to her ankles (talk about agony!). But nothing ever seemed to work, and even though we’d lose a pound or two with each new effort, the look of our bodies stayed mostly the same. More important, none of these workout methods ever felt good or satisfying. They all felt like a chore, something we had to get through. We’d be doing a thousand steps in step class, or sweating away on machines at the gym (there’s nothing like grunting and sweating in public to make you feel attractive), and all the while we’d be thinking to ourselves: This may be burning calories, but it doesn’t feel good — is this REALLY how women were meant to stay fit?

During this time, we both came to further appreciate the grace and inherent logic of dance: the way the moves and sequences fit together, and the way that every single movement challenged our muscles through precision and form. As any dancer will tell you, ballet is one of the highest forms of athleticism you can find, yielding strong, supple muscles and a long, lean shape. Yet the only machinery you need is your body. There are no steps, no StairMasters, no clunky weights or strength-training machines — just your own form moving in ways that it has been naturally designed to do. We hadn’t danced to get in shape; we danced because we loved it. And until recently, it had been more effective at keeping us fit than any other exercise method. Why couldn’t we find a workout that felt like dance?

It was then that we each discovered the Lotte Berk Method®, a highly respected fitness technique created by the legendary Russian ballet dancer Lotte Berk, which had been flourishing among Manhattan’s elite for thirty years. Jennifer overheard someone talking about it at a party; Tanya answered an ad in the Village Voice that was looking for dancers to teach at the Method’s Upper East Side and Hamptons studios. We both tried it and were immediately hooked — Jennifer knew ten minutes into her first class that this was the technique she would do for the rest of her life. Tanya went for her audition and was stunned to discover that even the older women in the classes could outperform her in every way — they were stronger, more flexible, and had more stamina, even though Tanya was a professional dancer. Both of us realized that Berk had hit on something special, and that her Method was something we wanted to learn.

In the months that followed, each of us experienced firsthand the transformative results of Berk’s intense strengthening and stretching regimen. Tanya began teaching classes at the Lotte Berk Method, and watched the pounds disappear as her muscles became leaner and stronger than they had ever been in her life. Jennifer began taking classes three or four times a week, and just two months later was astonished when she had to have all of her clothes tailored and taken in. Her husband, her friends, and even her Wall Street colleagues began commenting on how, well, hot she looked! Walking down the hall at the office, she could actually feel that her muscles were different: tight and strong. Even better, the back pain she’d experienced for nearly ten years disappeared. Plus, we both loved the rush we got from making it through one of the ultra-challenging workouts — we’d feel sore afterward, but also energized and powerful, and that feeling was nothing short of addictive.

But even though we both became regulars at the Lotte Berk Method — Tanya as an instructor and Jennifer as a client — it wasn’t until many years later that we actually met. In 2005, the studio regretfully announced that it would be closing its doors. We were crushed, but we also knew there was an opportunity. By that time, Tanya had been a master instructor at the Lotte Berk Method for ten years, and Jennifer, now a long-standing Berk devotee, had earned her MBA and was intrigued by the entrepreneurial possibilities. We both felt that the regimen deserved a much larger following, and that it had the potential to take the fitness world by storm. Jennifer even looked into buying the studio, but wasn’t making much headway . . . until one of the staff members suggested that we meet.

So we did. And from that moment on, we knew that we were at the start of an amazing partnership. We found that we had very similar visions: We wanted to take everything that was great about the Lotte Berk Method and build on it to make it even better. We knew that the foundations of the program were strong, but we also knew that after thirty-some years with minimal changes, it was definitely ripe for a makeover.

Together we set out to create the next incarnation of the technique and bring it to a wider audience. Tanya refined and updated the method to make it even more rigorous and effective by adding a greater variety of exercises, along with more strengthand stamina-building variations. We added other modern touches, set the moves to upbeat music, and streamlined the workout so it could be performed in less than an hour. When we happened to find the perfect studio space on New York City’s West 57th Street, the city’s main thoroughfare right off glamorous Fifth Avenue, the number seemed to tie everything together — and voilà , Physique 57 was born!

We’ve come a long way since those early days as a small group of teachers based out of a single Manhattan studio. Today we are a bona fide fitness movement with studios in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Beverly Hills; a booming presence online; celebrity clientele; and a best-selling series of award-winning instructional DVDs. But our promise to you remains the same: No matter what kind of shape you have genetically, whether you loathe the gym or already work out seven days a week, our breakthrough exercise regimen will completely transform your body — and you will love every minute of it.

Are You Ready?

Everything you need to achieve a gorgeous physique — the moves, the meals, and the motivation — is in this book. That said, it’s not enough just to read these pages and try out a few of the exercises and recipes. If you want a great body, you have to work for it. No matter what your age or starting point, whether you want to lose five pounds or fifty, what you put in is what you’ll get back out. So for these next two weeks, we want you to really bring it! Show us how fierce and unstoppable you are with every set of reps, every workout, every food choice, and every decision you make that supports your new, healthier lifestyle. We know you can do it, so take this moment right now to commit to giving this program your all. Put aside any fears, doubts, or excuses, and tap into the part of you that is hardworking, ambitious, and never, ever afraid of a challenge. Yes, many of the moves in our workouts will be new, and YES, we’re going to push you to feel the burn and fight through it because that’s when the magic happens. But we also know that you’re going to love the excitement of the Physique 57 experience: the fun choreography, the energizing pace, and the incredible rush that comes from knowing that even if you’re working out harder than you ever have in the past, you CAN do it, and it feels great!
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We like to remind our clients at the beginning of every session, “You are the sculptor. You are in charge.” And it’s true: You are the architect of your body, and you have the power to design it any way you want. Together, we are going to chisel, sculpt, and cinch every inch of you to create the physique you’ve always wanted. So to get going, let’s learn a bit more about what makes our workout so effective and unique. Then it’s time to wake up those muscles, rev up your metabolism, and start feeling some heat! We can’t wait, because we know what lies ahead.

You’re going to be amazing. This is your time to shine.

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