In the Beginning

It was 2005 and Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, an Ivy League Wall Street professional, was walking home on a familiar Manhattan street, when she discovered her second calling. She would reinvent the fitness industry.

It was on that day that Jennifer’s favorite fitness studio announced that it was closing. It was The Lotte Berk Method, the highly lauded fitness studio named for its venerable ballet dancer creator. The Lotte Berk studio was closing its doors, leaving Jennifer and legions of passionate Lotte Berk followers in its empty wake.

To Jennifer, the need for a replacement studio was an opportunity. One that she wasted no time pursuing. She immediately joined forces with Tanya Becker, one of the leading Lotte Berk instructors in the country, and together, they created Physique 57. An innovative and modern take on the best of The Lotte Berk Method. The demand was there. And so was the business! In February 2006, Physique 57 debuted at 24 W. 57th Street in New York City to ecstatic clients and long waitlists. From there, it was the Hamptons, more studios in NYC, LA, Dubai, and Bangkok.


DVDs Bring Us Home and
Wherever Else Our Clients Go.

Physique 57 is all about challenging people to work their bodies in new and exciting ways. Our wildly successful client results, along with numerous, effusive (and unsolicited) celebrity endorsements created a buzz that something special was happening here.

In June 2009, we rode that buzz into the homes – and lives of people around the world by launching our first DVD Workout Series. It was a hit. Now our clients could workout at home, on vacation, on business trips, wherever their lives took them. By December 2010, we eclipsed the award-winning, best-selling Volume 1, by releasing Physique 57 DVD Workout Series Volume 2.


A New Chapter. Our First Book.

In January 2012, Co-Founders Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi wrote their first book, The Physique 57 Solution: The Groundbreaking 2-Week Plan for a Lean, Beautiful Body. This unique combination of our workout with an effective meal plan, created a two-week program from which readers quickly dropped pounds and lost up to 10 inches. Talk about a love story.



Going Global. Your Piece of Physique 57.

In 2010, Physique 57 began offering International Consulting services to Plana Forma, a start-up fitness studio in Manila, Philippines. Our consulting services gave Plana Forma a jump start by training their lead instructors while also optimizing their business practices. In 2012, we unveiled the Physique 57 International Licensing Program to work with a seasoned business veteran and longtime client to create our first branded international studio, Physique 57 Dubai. Due to the overwhelming success of both Plana Forma and Physique 57 Dubai, we now offer two distinct opportunities for international partners looking to either launch or improve their existing fitness operation. Want to know how to stay ahead of the competition, increase sales and improve profitability?


Taking the Barre Online.

In November 2012, we raised the barre again by launching our on demand workout program, giving clients around the world the chance to benefit from our signature workouts – anywhere, anytime. Physique 57 Online Workouts feature content from new videos and existing DVD workouts to give clients the variety and portability to change their bodies – their way. Tanya Becker and her team of beloved instructors take users through the workouts of their lives, in the “comforts” of their own homes.


It’s a Social Thing

With thousands of loyal clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube, we’re expanding our global community yet keeping them connected. And every step of the way, we’re helping each other be the strongest, healthiest and best we can be.